Papua Merdeka, Tilly’s struggle for independence

When I went to the ‘Malieveld’ on October 26th in The Hague to photograph the demonstration in favor of ‘Zwarte Piet’ (Black Pete), I had no idea what would happen that day.

I ‘m doing a series of stories on changes in the Netherlands and Zwarte Piet is a typical Dutch tradition which might be on the verge to be adjusted.
I thought I was going to cover an easy subject, even a bit superficial maybe. But something else happened.

West Papua
Tilly Kaisiëpo had come to the Malieveld as well to show support and to ask attention for her own struggle: independence of West Papua .
About what happened then, I wrote an article on this blog that has now been read 1.5 million times.
Like many Dutch I knew almost nothing about West Papua , but now I have learned more about it’s history and I hope more people will do so.

Web Documentary
To help a bit, I’ve produced (with my  company Narratus Multimedia) a short web documentary ​​about Tilly and the situation in West Papua . It would be nice if all those people who have read the previous article will also view this documentary . And for those people who haven’t signed the petition  ‘Stop the slow motion genocide in West Papua‘ yet, I hope that this documentary will encourage you to do so.


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